Sensible Investments

As a wife and mother of three children, I know all too well the daily struggles of trying to balance all of the plates that we have spinning in the air. When we try and focus on one of them, we feel like the others will begin to fall. 

I think the question that we all ask ourselves daily is "how do I fully invest myself in all of my obligations?" I believe the answer is balance.


It will require give and take and also some sacrifice. We have to learn to be ok with a lot of things. We have to know its ok if your house gets messy while you play with your kids. It's ok if your kids watch TV while you spend time with your husband; and its most definitely ok to invest in yourself. 

 I have found that what is fulfilling to me is helping other people-especially women find ways to invest in their future. Money is a thief of joy in our culture.  We see what our friends and neighbors have and we envy them, long for what they have and will even put ourselves in debt to get it. Sometimes we just need more resources to do more. I have learned, through experience, that debt will steal our peace and strain relationships.  Through my own mistakes, I have come to know that financial freedom brings greater happiness than any item I could ever own. With the proper tools and determination, I whole-heartedly believe that anyone can achieve freedom from the chains of debt. I can help you make a personal or family budget, share shopping tips or couponing tips and teach you other ways to save money on a larger scale.  Reach out to me if you or someone you know is tired of living paycheck to paycheck and you need help getting started on your journey to financial freedom. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!