Professional Photographer & Host of Mompreneurs of WC

My life experiences, primed me into a young adult who was very inspired and motivated. Among many things, I was a personal trainer and artist but my passion was to create art.  I derived my inspiration from viewing life from many different angles –whether it was creating hand-sculpted art pieces or through the lens of a camera. I also enjoyed traveling and connecting with different cultures.


After I met my husband, I traveled to Asia to study Chinese so that I could better communicate with his family. While living in Asia for nearly a year, I practiced my skills as a fine artist and began sculpting and photographing. My work later caught the attention of a local art collector, who showcased my creations at his café. This opportunity led me to be sponsored by a local art gallery and fueled my passion for this work.

I returned home and started a family, leaving art behind me. Fast forward seven years and two kids later, we arrived in Wesley Chapel while pregnant with my third son. Within the first two years in our new home with three boys, I experienced the death of five family members and a real struggle within my marriage. Now, feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, sad and fifty pounds heavier, I was really at a loss.  My father, seeing all of this encouraged me (begged me) to start photographing again.

I rediscovered the beauty of creating and I began to heal in many areas of my life that I had not felt empowered in for many years. As I photographed, I appreciated life through births, maternity shoots, families and weddings.  I eventually grew a successful photography business, Laura Lo Photography which captures the essence of life and and the stories of love.